Connell & McFadden are pleased to introduce Guaranteed Rental Scheme Edinburgh

30 November 2016

We are pleased to announce our newest product available to all our landlords, Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme Edinburgh.

As the process of owning an investment property can sometimes be quite daunting and stressful making sure rent is received to pay a mortgage, we at Connell & McFadden Property Lettings have a product to take away all that worry!

With the peace of mind that you will be guaranteed to receive your rental income 12 months a year, whether the property is vacant or not, it makes owning an investment property very easy. 

You will receive a guaranteed market rent for every month that Connell & McFadden Property Management leases your property. This means you will not lose rent normally lost between lettings and are protected from market fluctuations in rent. You will also not have to worry about tenants owing you arrears, as we pay you whether they pay or not.

For terms and conditions and for more information please feel free to contact one of our team who will be pleased to help.




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